The team

Jean-Baptiste - The farmer

Passionated about ornithology and nature in general since he was a child, he decided to pursue scientific studies without hesitation. After a degree in agronomy (with an environmental orientation), he starts a master's degree in temperate agronomy. Concerned by the environmental challenges of conventional agriculture and the complexity of ecosystems, he developed an interest about these themes. At the end of his studies, he concluded that it is possible to ensure "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs". Following this observation, he decided to go for it! Motto: "No need to wait.

les amis de la ferme

Lionel - The merchant

During his law studies, he discovered his parallel passion for agriculture. Little by little, he became interested and met JB who suggested to launch the Rigaudière farm. It is with great enthusiasm that he accepted the challenge, at the beginning he had divided his time between office life and weekly markets, but since a few months he works full time for the farm. Utopian to the end, he gives himself body and soul to get this project off the ground. Motto: "There is no great achievement that was not first dreamt"

les amis de la ferme

The project

Our dream

les amis de la ferme

La ferme de la Rigaudière is a place where we produce healthy food while regenerating the soil and taking care of our environment. Our goal is really to prove that it is possible to produce healthy and sustainable food, as reflected in our engagements.

In concrete terms, this means, for example, that we grow everything in organic farming (no chemical inputs), that we plant hedges, trees, shelters that will welcome our future neighbours, or that we try to reduce our waste. Come and visit us and see how our dream comes true.

Our commitments

Our deepest wish is to be more than a farm. Our project only makes sense if we try to share our dream. Here are the 6 commitments that underpin our approach and influence our choices:

1. Produce healthy and organic food in complete transparency

Today, many initiatives around healthy and sustainable food are emerging. It is not always easy to find your way around or to know where these fruits and vegetables really come from. This is why we are committed to offering you our products in complete transparency, in terms of their origin, price and quality. Of course, we cannot produce everything ourselves on the farm. The other products come from other local and organic producers or wholesalers.

un beau légume de la ferme

2. Taking care of the environment and help biodiversity

We are driven by the principles of permaculture and agro-ecology, which make it possible to have a sustainable agricultural model that takes care of the Earth and its people. Moreover, we do not limit ourselves to stop our negative impact. We really want to help our environment (for example: planting hedges, fruit trees and honey plants, build nesting boxes and hives, etc).

fleurs et une abeille

3. Try to sell in 'short circuit'

From the field to the plate! We offer you vegetables at a competitive price, while paying the producer properly for his work. By reducing the number of intermediaries, we can offer a price that everyone can afford. In addition, you are sure of the quality and origin of the product.

brouette avec bacs réutilisables

4. Promote the reintegration of people in difficulty

In the long run, we have a dream of being able to support and help certain people in need (such as the unemployed people or people with disabilities) by bringing them on the farm to help us. Contact with the ground and the open air allows us to take some distance and structure our daily life.

personnnes sur les champ

5. Waste reduction

Quality should be showed, it shouldn't be packed. A whole continent of waste, that's where we've come to.... It's urgent to reduce our waste and pack only what's necessary. We offer all our products in bulk, unpackaged. Always use your own containers when shopping online, on the farm or at the market. We also offer you returnable crates if necessary.

personnnes sur le champ

6. Weekly and reliable service, with a large choice during the whole year

Every week, you will meet us at the market, at a collection point or at the farm, according to your best convenience. Online, you will find our complete assortment, continuously updated and you can pick it up at a collection point. It is important for us to offer a lot of seasonal products during the whole year.

un champ d'agriculture